Outsourcing and Nearshoring

We offer our clients the quality, security, and convenience of onshore development paired with the cost savings of nearshore development.

You can count on a team of developers who can follow a flexible roadmap to advance the development of tools that enhance your production, your sales and the effectiveness of your business.

How much does it cost to have a team of developers of your own?

Depending mainly on the progress you want, we will define the amount of work hours and expertise needed for it. Starting at U$S 6.5k per month you can count not only with a permanent developer, but also choose instead designers, UI analysts, UX, PM, trainers, etc., or the combination of them, all according to the needs of the month in question, in the defined roadmap.

You will receive advances periodically, and you will be able to add improvements and changes in the updated tool, immediately.

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We are eager to see your ideas come true.